December 24, 2013



Jeremiah 23: 5-6; Isaiah 32:1-2; Psalm 93; Luke 1:31-33; Revelation 19:6-8

“Suppose there was a king who loved a humble maiden. The king was like no other king.  Every statesman trembled before his power, no one dared breath a word against him, for he had the strength to crush all opponents. And yet this mighty king was melted by love for a humble maiden who lived in a poor village in his kingdom. How could he declare his love for her?


In an odd sort of way, his kingliness tied his hands. If he brought her to the palace, and crowned her head with jewels, and clothed her body in royal robes, she would surely not resist. No one dared resist him. But would she love him? She would say she loved him, of course, but would she truly? Or would she live with him in fear, nursing a private grief for the life she had left behind? Would she be happy at this side? How could he know for sure? If he rode to her forest cottage in his royal carriage with an armed escort waving bright banners, that too, would overwhelm her. He did not want a cringing subject. He wanted a love, equal.  The king and she, a humble maiden and to let shared love cross the gulf between them – for it is only in love that the unequal can be make equal.


The king, convinced he could not elevate the maiden without crushing her freedom, resolved to descend to her. Clothed as a beggar he approached her cottage with a worn cloak fluttering loose about him. This was not just a disguise – the king took on a totally new identity. He had renounced his throne to declare his love and to win hers.”
— Soren Kierkegaard, “The King & the Maiden”


As this Advent series comes to a close, I am mindful of the question that has persistently pressed itself upon my heart each day as I have prepared these posts – “Leah, are you willing to surrender it all to the Lord?”  All my illusions of control, my health, my work, my hopes for marriage, my thoughts, my expectations and hopes, my fears, my perceptions, my timidity, my excuses….all of it. He is King. He reigns. Not only that but he is a good King who reigns perfectly – and he calls me, and you to trust him with it all.  Today and tomorrow, thank Jesus for coming to win you back. Ask him to show you the areas of your life and heart that are rightfully His that he wants you to surrender to Him. Ask him to grow your trust in his rule over your life.


 Beautiful Mystery by Josh White

Merry Christmas!!

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  • Reply Erika O December 24, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Great scripture as always, and a beautiful story excerpt. Merry Christmas, Leah!

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